Indonesia Market Research and Study

Professional market research from start to finish.

We accompany you in the entire process of your market research: from the study design to implementation to professional data analysis.

EIBN is a reliable partner for Indonesia market research and in many other countries. Through our own online access panel, we have global access to survey respondents, whom we interview regularly as part of market research surveys.

We are happy to assist you in your research on Indonesia. After the conception of the questionnaire has been completed, we place it on our servers, forward our online panel to your quota specifications on the questionnaire and finally analyze the data according to your wishes.

Are you interested in market research in Indonesia? The largest island state in the world is accessible through our online panel, so we have the opportunity to assist you with online surveys in market research for Indonesia.


We help you design your study and develop your questionnaire so that you can ask the right questions. We offer the right tools for all questions as well as customized solutions if required.


We will recruit the sample from our own online access panel, either population representative or according to your quota specifications. The survey can take place in one country or as a multi-country study in parallel in more than 70 countries.


After completing the survey, we will submit the survey results to you as an SPSS/ Excel dataset or create a data analysis and prepare the results in a detailed and annotated graph report.